Friday, August 06, 2004

Letter from Leelanau


Judging from my stats above, it looks like a lot of important people (or at least the cleaning crews in their offices) follow the writings of one unemployed blogger. Should I be frightened or flattered?

Sorry for the blogging silence for the past couple of days, what with all the nanotech news happening (Nanosys, Royal Society), but I'm taking some time to finish a few freelance projects and then wander the woods of Northern Michigan. I'm writing this now from my father-in-law's machine shop up in the beautiful Leelanau Peninsula, where the workspace is filled with macroscale metal contraptions that he buys at auctions, fixes himself and sells. He's earned a reputation as an honest, friendly businessman who builds loyalty the old-fashioned way -- by doing his work well, doing it on time and taking the time to get to know his customers. It works for selling large, industrial machines. I don't see why this kind of business practice couldn't be scaled down to the microscopic level.

Speaking of meeting customer demands on time, I need to get back to work. Then, I'm going to do nothing but hike through the woods and walk on the beach with my family for a few days to remind myself of the things that are truly important.

Thank you again to many of you who have offered me work. I plan on tackling many of the projects that have been offered and I'll respond to everybody individually. Meanwhile, look for my work to appear in some major publications. Keep your browser on this blog, and I'll point you in the right directions.

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