Monday, October 20, 2003

Nano good, nano bad

I'm back, rested and ready. Amid challenges at the print magazine, I'll follow up here and on with some of the interesting nanopeople and ideas I picked up at Foresight. Be patient with me, as I multitask. Meanwhile, great to see nano is making more inroads into the mainstream media. Just a quick search this evening turned up nano good, nano bad, nano good, nano bad. I love it. The next thing somebody needs to do is create a publication that can be used as a resource for journalists and others who are interested in learning how to transmit complex scientific and policy ideas, nuances and all, to citizens around the world. They'll soon be asked to give their elected representatives some guidance on nanotechnology policy, so I believe they deserve access to information that has so far been hidden to them amid scientific jargon, get-rich nanobusiness propaganda and sky-is-falling scenarios.


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