Thursday, September 18, 2003

Fuzzy Nano Math

Natalie Kostelni of the Philadelphia Business Journal really nailed it in one simple sentence in this report on a recent economic development idea jam session in her city. The idea of a nanotechnology hub was thrown into the pot of proposals. "In the end, one thing was clear -- there are a lot of ambitious ideas but exactly how to turn most of them into reality still seems a bit fuzzy." Bingo. There is a basic assumption that nanotech is going to be a powerful new engine of economic creation, and regions ranging from continents to countries to towns are flinging words and wallets at it, but exactly how and when these benefits will emerge is still unknown. Or, in the words of David Luzzi of the University of Pennsylvania, "It is something that is here and is happening." Perfectly clear? All else is commentary. Discuss

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